Meet the most comfortable mask on the planet.

Model 000. The most comfortable shoe on the planet.

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Atoms midsole is our proprietary foam that provides remarkable cushioning and responds to every movement of your feet


The Atoms insole is lined with copper yarn. As you move throughout the day, it actively kills bacteria, prevents odor and feels soft against your feet.


The upper on Atoms is made using our proprietary blend of TPU coated and polyester yarn, that is remarkably breathable.

"The Atoms Everyday Face Mask is pretty impressive in our eyes. So if you’re in the market for a new reusable mask, then this is the one for you."

-Mens Journal

"If you’re looking for a more robust, science-backed mask that features minimal design, this mask from Atoms is your best bet. "

-Fast Company

“For errands, I like the Atoms Everyday Mask. In addition to the very handy carrying case the mask comes with, it’s very lightweight, so it never wears you out."

-New York Magazine

“These might be the most thoughtfully designed sneakers ever.”


“Your secret-weapon sneaker may have just arrived.”


They’re the first sneaker classy-looking enough for semi-formal occasions, but that I can comfortably walk or even hike in for hours.

-Tech Crunch

Everyday Comfort

We designed Model 000 to be the most comfortable shoe possible- even for extended wear.

Everyday Fit

Atoms are the first shoes to come in quarter sizes so you do not have to compromise with fit anymore.

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