Atoms has partnered with Olive to create a better shopping experience while preserving the planet

Olive provides an elevated ecommerce experience by consolidating your orders to reduce the carbon emissions from multiple delivery vehicles while ensuring your packaging is properly recycled.

How does Olive work?

Shop at Atoms as you normally would

Find a comfortable pair of shoes or stylish socks and add it to your cart.

Use Olive At Check Out

Upon check out, se the Olive shipping address provided to you by the Chrome extension or app.

Olive will consolidate your orders

Your order will be shipped to Olive and they will combine all of your packages into one box. This works across all of the brands you shopped from that week.

Pick your delivery date

Olive delivers all of your orders across brands on one date of your choosing. You no longer have to think about what is arriving when as you are in control.

Enjoy an enhanced delivery experience

Upon delivery, you'll find all of your orders in one box so you don't need to find a box cutter or make the trip to the recycling bin. Everything is unboxed and ready to enjoy.

How do I use Olive?

Olive is free to use as Atoms is paying for the shipping cost. Create an account at Olive and download their Chrome Extension. This will provide you a shipping address to their facility.

At checkout, you will see this pop up from the extension. It will autofill the shipping address of their nearest facility where they will store, sort, and later ship your items.

Is this really sustainable?

Yes! Online shopping has flipped the environmental impact of shopping compared to shopping at a brick and motor store. About 75% of your order's carbon emissions come from the the last mile of delivery. It can increase another 35% for orders that are split up so you can get one item faster or it is out of stock.

When your order is out for delivery, drivers have to zigzag throughout town for their most optimized route which is not the best route for environment. By consolidating a weeks worth of orders into one delivery by an electric vehicle, your greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced below a more direct route to your local store. Olive creates efficiencies for the planet and a better experience for you at home.