Simple shoe,

Crazy comfort

Introducing Model 001 — the ultimate everyday shoe.


Why design a new shoe?
Simple: You.

Our product philosophy is pretty straightforward: only make something new if it can be used every single day and is the absolute best of its kind. Model 001 was born directly from customer demand. More durable materials. Better structure and support. A superior fit. These are the things we heard over and over that motivated us to take the next step. The result? An exceptionally comfortable sneaker that provides a truly superior experience for walkers, commuters, healthcare workers — anyone on their feet.

Watch the Model 001 Keynote

The Co-founders of Atoms, Waqas Ali and Sidra Qasim, invite you to tune in for a little (big) status update.

Model 001

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Model 001


From humble beginnings . . .

Read the deeply personal journey of Atoms co-founder Sidra Qasim as told by Humans of New York in 11 parts.

“There is a moment I’ll never forget. My mother was teaching a class at our home, and my father hit her in front of the students. It was humiliating. She was an esteemed teacher in our town. After it happened, I asked her…”

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