Behind the Scenes: The Making of the Tricolor Atoms

11/17/2020 · Atoms Team

Atoms invites you to take a look inside our factory in Busan, South Korea, as we create the three new colors of our signature Model 000 sneaker: Navy Blue, Forest Green, and Classic Yellow. To create these shoes, we use a special dyeing technique where the pigment is applied on each thread, saving 90 percent of the water that would have been used with conventional dyeing methods. Each shoe is assembled and quality checked by hand to make sure that you receive a premium product.

The Atoms team matches the shade of Forest Green to the exact Pantone color.

A row of Forest Green Atoms.

A size 7.25 Forest Green Model 000 with its last inside.

Classic Yellow Atoms at the factory, while a worker checks them in the background.

The three new Atoms Model 000 colors: Navy Blue, Forest Green, and Classic Yellow.