Get Out the Vote With Atoms' VOTE NOV 3 Mask

9/28/2020 · Atoms Team

Only 138 million Americans—just 58.1% of the country’s voting-eligible population, according to the United States Elections Project—voted in the 2016 presidential election. At Atoms, we believe in getting out the vote on November 3. We produced a new style of our Everyday Mask—voted “Best Material” by the Wall Street Journal out of 50 fabric masks they tested—that urges people who see it to “VOTE NOV 3.” On top of our efforts to help increase voter turnout, we donate one mask for each one sold.

Atoms board member Alexis Ohanian was among the first to wear the Atoms VOTE NOV 3 mask at the US Open on September 3 to support his wife Serena Williams during her match against Russian player Margarita Gasparyan. Marques Brownlee, host of the YouTube program MKBHD and Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast, was “testing out portrait mode and subliminal messaging” in a Twitter post that featured a selfie of the YouTube personality wearing the Atoms VOTE NOV 3 mask.

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The Atoms Everyday VOTE NOV 3 mask is available in Black, Liberty Green, and Ocean Blue for $12 at .