Atoms names co-founder Sidra Qasim as the new CEO

9/26/2022 · Sidra Qasim & Waqas Ali

Hi friends, today we are excited to announce that Sidra is stepping up to be the new CEO of Atoms. Before we share more about what that means for the Atoms community, first some backstory.

Since starting Atoms as founders, we’ve been working closely on almost every aspect to build Atoms where it is. At the same time, each of us has been doing more of what we are good at. Sidra’s primary focus has been overall business, operations, and finance, while Waqas has been working on marketing, brand, product and building partnership. It is hard to believe that just in over three years, we moved Atoms to NYC, lived through the pandemic, grew the company 300% year on year, launched several key products that are now used by hundreds of thousands of customers, and built a thriving global community.

As we enter the next chapter of Atoms, it felt like the right time to make this change, and for Sidra to be the new CEO. This has been a decision in making for a few months, and with our board approval we executed it.

As a team, we are also excited for Atoms to have a female CEO, there are not many businesses that’re founded, and run by a female CEO, and the number is smaller when it comes to Pakistani or in the footwear industry.

We would be nothing without our community, and thank you for your support, always, as we move together into this next chapter.

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Sidra Qasim, Waqas Ali