The United Sherpa Association Grants Atoms a Community Award

10/27/2020 · Urgen Sherpa

It was only a few months ago when the Elmhurst hospital only a two blocks from our community center was filled with COVID-19 patients and refrigerated trucks lined up outside of it. Our area surrounding the Elmhurst hospital was designated as the epicenter of epicenter for the novel corona virus.

Streets were empty. Everyone hunkered down in their homes. No one knew how bad it would get and with closings of most all businesses, future looked bleak. In the midst of it all, shortages of essential goods became normal.

But it is when during the worst of times bring out the best of humanity.

We all know how bad it was in New York City generally and this neighborhood of Elmhurst specifically. People with the kindest of hearts and ever present empathy, jumped up to action. The doctors, nurses, essential workers, community leaders and donor organizations such as the Atoms, Inc were shedding a light of hope.

Many a times we take good deeds for granted. But it is important sometimes to recognize that goodness. Not only to appreciate you but to encourage others to join the practice of humanity. Therefore, this event was organized to say simply, Thank you.

Thank you so much for accepting the honor.