What size should I order?

Try our Fit Finder. Enter your current shoe size in any brand you use now and it converts it to Atoms' sizes.

If you have trouble deciding size, please reach out to our support team on support@atoms.com.

Ideally, you should have a 1/4 of an inch or about most of your thumb nail between your longest toe and the inside of the shoe for it to be a perfect fit. Your Atoms won't stretch much over time, so how they feel on day 1 is how they’ll feel on day 100.

If you would like to try multiple sizes, please go ahead and order them - you can return the ones that don't work.

(Normally we send out three pairs of shoes to first time customers in quarter size increments so we can bring the in-store shopping experience to your living room and ensure you get your perfect fit. We had to stop that because of COVID19.)

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