Are Atoms shoes machine washable?

If you want to machine wash your Atoms for a deep clean, you can but do so at your own risk as every washing machine is different and it's hard to give a single set of care instructions.

  1. Set it to use cold water

  2. Put it on a gentle cycle

  3. If you want to take a precautionary measure and use shoe trees you can use some to maintain the shape of the shoes

  4. Or you can further protect them with a linen bag. Some people use a pillow case or even toss them in with a load of towels to prevent them from banging around and to agitate to surface.

  5. Some people use a cleaning solution but in our experience you don't need to. Do not use Oxyclean as that can discolor your white atoms in particular.

  6. Set them out to air dry out of direct sunlight. DO NOT MACHINE DRY

For the occasional cleanse, use a soft bristled brush along with your preferred cleaning solution and air dry.

Atoms will not replace shoes that have been damaged during this cleaning process because it was machine washed or dried.

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