Atoms No-Show Socks

The Details

75% Organic Cotton

22% Polyester

  • Machine wash on delicate or gentle cycle below 40°C / 104°F inside out with like colors.
  • Hang dry.

Naturally Comfortable Material

Made using 75% organic cotton yarn and 22% polyester, Atoms socks are naturally comfortable. The super soft padding cushions your foot and enhances comfort.

Hand Dyed to Add Calming Color

Each pair is unique since the socks are individually hand dyed to achieve the calming two-color gradient.. Blooming nature and the sunset over the Pacific Ocean inspired the soothing two-color shades: Sky Gradient, Forest Gradient, and Charcoal Gradient.

Designed by Atoms, Knitted in South Korea

We don’t make socks just because we happen to make your favorite everyday shoes. We take time to get familiar with the material, the feel, and how it would work along with Atoms shoes to increase the overall comfort. We go deeper into the details—Atoms socks use 30% thinner yarn compared to regular sports socks. The 156 needle we use for knitting allows us to achieve the feel and comfort we are after.