Atoms Everyday Mask


Comfortable everyday mask, with a polyester blend outer layer and a copper-lined ionized quartz yarn inner layer. Copper’s antimicrobial properties have been well documented, including killing viruses & germs within four hours, substantially faster than several days on most other mask materials in the market.

Donating one mask with each sale and selling at cost. Atoms is not making a profit from mask sales. Mask orders are not eligible for return.


Made from premium, durable, and environmentally friendly materials.

Outer layer: lightweight, breathable, quick-dry polyester blend
Inner layer: copper-lined ionized quartz yarn
Copper: kills viruses & bacteria within four hours, substantially faster than several days on most other mask materials in the market.
Environmentally friendly: INNOMAX material is chemical-free
Durability: Machine washable up to 50x
UV protection: protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays

Care instructions

  • We recommend washing the mask before use.
  • Machine wash with any detergent you feel comfortable with. No bleach. Air dry.

Questions? / Bulk order / Donation

Being based in Brooklyn, the COVID-19 Pandemic hits close to home. Our community is suffering. In early March we started asking how we, a small shoe company with 18 employees, can help. We have made donations to Food Bank for New York City and are donating one pair of Atoms to healthcare workers, for every pair of our new release sold. But we wanted to do more.

We have decided to shift production resources towards making masks. Due to the nature of our business, we have a very close relationship with our manufacturers in South Korea that we were able to leverage, along with our copper-lined fabric used in the Model 000. We use copper for its antimicrobial properties. Read more on copper’s benefits here.

The masks are anti-microbial and machine washable up to 50 times, after which they behave like a regular cloth mask, just the copper will have worn down.

We will be donating one mask for every one sold. Selling masks to consumers is just to cover the cost of production and allow us to donate. We will not take any profit on this endeavour, simply looking to cover our costs so we can do our part. Atoms board member Alexis Ohanian has pledged to donate 5,000 masks.

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