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Atoms Stretch Laces are a part of a proprietary system, designed to make the process of putting on your shoes as easy as pulling on a T-shirt. Their unique stretching properties not only ensure that your Atoms shoe can adapt to your foot’s natural movements and expansion throughout the day more comfortably, but they also mitigate issues with getting untied. That’s right: Atoms Stretch Laces are virtually “tie once” shoelaces.

Now you can customize your Atoms with multiple vibrant colors. Consult the chart to make sure you get the right size length for your pair of Atoms shoes.

One more thing: while no one can stop you from putting Atoms Stretch Laces on non-Atoms shoes, our laces’ best features won’t magically make those shoes as good as Atoms. The laces are just one part of the carefully-made system. So if you haven’t already, make sure to try out a pair.

Shoes that are simply better

Our first sneakers, Model 000, were critically-acclaimed and beloved for their simple design and remarkable comfort. With Model 001, we wanted to give you tons of new upgrades while keeping the magical comfort and radical simplicity of Atoms the same.

Brand New Design

We rethought the ideal everyday shoe from the ground up. Again.

Tie-once Stretch Laces

You’ll only need to tie your Atoms shoes once; Stretch Laces hold tight.

No Bad Odors

Antimicrobial copper threads are woven into the inside of all Atoms shoes.

Designed for everyday

The Model 001 is designed to be the only shoe you reach for at whatever time you want to wear shoes. With super durability, unparalleled breathability, and a pared down look that can be dressed up or down effortlessly, once you wear them you’ll only ask “why” — as in, “why did I wear anything else?”

The Model 001 Eternal outsole is supportive and lightweight thanks to our signature cutouts design. It is made using our signature TPV that provides good grip and flexibility while keeping your feet comfortable throughout the day.

Meet the founders

Atoms began with an idea: make a shoe you want to wear everyday. In practice, this simple idea turned out to be much more complex, and led to a full reimagining of what shoes are and what they can be.

We are a small team that is obsessed with craftsmanship and beautiful design, and don’t hesitate to travel the globe and spend a ton of time and resources to make sure our materials are the best out there. Spoiler alert, They are.

We are also fortunate to be part of the thriving Atoms community, both globally and right here in New York City. Our customers are our ultimate inspiration when it comes to creativity, and all the beauty everyday life has to offer. Welcome!

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