The Collaboration

Atoms × MKBHD

Designed by Marques Brownlee

“The M251 sneaker marks the one of the first collaborations between a YouTuber and a sneaker brand.”

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  • Atoms × MKBHD

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Introducing Model

Designed By

IntroducingModel 251

A collaboration between Marques Brownlee and Atoms represents the partnership between two innovative minds with a shared love for creativity, functionality, and quality. Featuring a sleek design that blends style and comfort, paying homage to Marques' first YouTube video and the start of his journey as a creator.

ProcessDesign Story

The collaboration between Marques Brownlee and Sidra and Waqas from Atoms involved a close partnership, with each party bringing their own unique strengths and perspectives to the table to create a truly innovative and exciting product.


Behind the ScenesWatch Marques YouTube launch video